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Thank you for visiting us. The Colfax Theatre is under new ownership. We have grand plans that involve a wide range of programming to support and entertain the vibrant and eclectic communities in and around Colfax.

The Colfax Theatre would like to welcome Larry Casserly to our team. We have hired him to be our Director of Business Development; primary talent buyer, booking entertainment into our theatre.. We plan on supporting local artists, as well as drawing artists from farther afield. With his expertise, you will soon find yourselves unable to resist the broad range of genres that will grace our intimate venue. The calendar for the rest of the year is filling up thanks to his undivided attention.

We do plan to provide a diverse selection of ‘repertory’ films, ie. films that have already been around the theater circuit. We will bring back beautifully restored classics, family titles, comedies, thrillers, action packed blockbusters, musicals, and romance, that look amazing on our big screen. We are also looking into being able to provide first run films.

We have also begun a children’s theatre company, Red Moon Community Youth Theatre. We put together a program of classes that began February 12th and ran through April 7th. It included 5 performances involving a compilation of mostly Broadway selections with a cast of 12 children and youth, ages 5 to 19. And we ran a 2 week camp this summer completing a production of Pirates of Penzance in collaboration with Colla Voce’s Children’s and Youth Chorus director Anne Vaaler. Please go to the link at the top of the page labeled Red Moon. There you will find more information about the children’s theatre. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email on our ‘contact’ page. That link is also at the top of the page. Information about Red Moon Fall Program will be available soon.

We welcome private events and independent projects. The theatre is available on a per hour basis. Please contact us for our rates and availability.

Your enthusiasm fuels our efforts. Don’t hesitate to communicate your wishes (by going up to the previously mentioned ‘contact’ link). Our theater is cozy, intimate, and worth the walk (if you’re around the corner), or the drive (if you aren’t). We will strive to make you happy, to bring in entertainment that you want to see, in exchange we ask that you challenge yourself and come out for something you wouldn’t normally go see. This beautiful venue can’t exist without the support of you. Help us fulfill its potential and fill the seats with energy and happiness, whether it’s movies, music, children’s theatre where children build their character, reaching new heights of awesome-ness, or grown-up theatre (grown-ups reaching new heights of awesome-ness), or you want to have your own event here, we love that too.. Let’s support our community by getting this venue hopping!